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You find it challenging to track all your suppliers’ loyalty programs? Get instant updates on your status and never miss any reward!

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Unsure of what are the latest trends? Be informed about everything happening in the market to serve your patient better: news, contents, and events, now at your fingertip!

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15+ years working with
thousands of pharmacies around the Globe

“Access to innovation is much more difficult than what it should be for independent pharmacies, causing wasted time, increased cost and challenges to upgrade service. Our goal is to help pharmacists focus on what matters the most: serving their patients.”

Thomas Miklavec
POC Founder and CEO


15+ years experience working
with pharmacies

“As the Founder of Sanisphere, I have worked with thousands of pharmacies across the Globe. Talking with pharmacy owners and staff, observing how they interact with patients, how they manage supply, the same challenges kept coming up again and again.
POC solution was designed with Sanisphere to leverage all the experience and expertise accumulated over the years. It aims at one goal: letting pharmacists focus on what matters the most, serving their patients.” Thomas
That’s where POC comes from.

“POC leverages Sanisphere’s expertise & experience accumulated over the years”