Letting pharmacists focus on what matters the most, serving their patients.

The Pharmacist is a member of the community, offering a convenient, free and trusted treatment recommendation. This makes the Pharmacy the go-to-destination for most patients who suffer from a light or mild condition, against long waiting hours in a public hospital, an expensive out-of-pocket consultation or confusing online information.

Before creating POC, Thomas Miklavec and Charles Defrance built Sanisphere, expert in retail pharmacy in emerging countries. They work with thousands of pharmacies across the Globe, exchanging with owners and staff, observing how they interact with patients, how they manage supply… The design of POC solutions leverages all the experience and expertise accumulated over the years.

Our team is dedicated to helping pharmacists manage all their processes, simplifying their life, increasing revenue and profit while improving their quality of service to patients.

POC Pharma’s Management Team combines deep experience in retail pharmacy, e-commerce and SaaS

Discover few of our team members

Thomas Miklavec
Pierre Cahuzac
Gaël Béron
Roberto Minetti
Adrien Kuhne
Chung Pham
Phuong Anh Dam

POC has built a strategic partnership with Sanisphere, the pharmaceutical market research reference in emerging countries.

POC benefits from a full integration of Sanisphere Data to provide superior solutions to POC users

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About Sanisphere

Sanisphere provides superior primary data, advanced analytics and in-depth industry expertise to support pharmaceutical companies on Commercial Excellence in Emerging Markets